What is Awakening? Living the Truth #8

Feb 25, 2022

Our exploration of how to live in harmony with our realizations continues. In response to questions, I will look deeper into what is awakening or enlightenment.  Many think of it as some exotic experience – something very extraordinary – that takes years of following a path. Perhaps the biggest barrier to awakening is the belief that it is rare and extraordinary, and difficult to get to.
We will examine how when we drop this belief that everything instantly becomes available to you.
Awakening is simply not perceiving reality through ego. Not seeing anything through the distortion called the egoic state. Put another way, it is simply the recognition of the nature of our being and reality which underlies and pervades all experience irrespective of its content.
In this talk I will expand on these definitions of awakening and expound further on the process of recognition. I will also explore what this means for living the truth.