Experiencing No Self 14: Spiritual Seeking without a Seeker

Oct 22, 2021

We will explore how the impulse to know truth manifests when personal seeking falls away. The seeking of awakening as something that the ego wants does fall away. It is no longer something that one strives for in order to gain something personally. But the impulse to seek remains. This comes from wholeness or spirit. The impulse to seek isn’t seeking. There is still a welling up of a deeper desire for awakening to what’s true that is consciousness impulse to become self-aware. This arises when you realize that all doing blocks consciousness. You will do everything you can to attain, until there’s nothing more to do. At this juncture, all ideas about about truth and how to attain it dissolve. When all the personal doing ceases, then truth can reveal itself. And, it does not mean that we just sit back wait for a grace to fall upon on us. We still do all the activities of seeking, but without a seeker.