Relinquishing Struggle with the Present Moment

Jan 13, 2023

There is a way to avoid feeling anxious and fearful. Based on science and spiritual teachings we know why we feel such things, and how to end it. We have these difficult feelings because we struggle with life. Accepting life in each moment transforms this. When we accept what is happening two things occur: we no longer feel anxious and fearful, and we are poised to respond wisely to life. It can also open access to portals for seeing your true nature.

7-step process that can evoke non-clinging. 1. Separate the desire from the attachment to what is desired. 2. Examine the desire and see how it is related to the arising of feelings tones of pleasant (wanting/liking), unpleasant (not wanting/disliking), or neutral. 3. Look for signals that you are caught in struggling such as tension in body, feelings of unease or run-away thoughts. 4. Investigate the story that accompanies the struggling. Is it narrow, repetitive, and a drain on energy. 5. Notice that your awareness of the struggling is separate from the actual struggling. 6. Accept that struggle has occurred and let it be. Noticing if there is any aversion to the struggling and accepting that too. 7. Step back from the struggling and sense into awareness or that which knows that struggling occurred, and rest there.