Practicing in a Racialized World: How Insight Meditation Can Help Us Address Racism

Jun 5, 2020

The events of the past weeks have caused me, as a white male, to revisit my practice in relation to race, racism and oppression and I would like to share my reflections and practice. I will be offering a talk on how insight meditation affects how we relate to social injustice and specifically racism? I will explore how we practice both internally and externally. We will look at awareness of our conditioning and how biases and prejudices arise and affect behaviour and how the practice can provide more effective ways to engage with the world based on compassion. For example, with mindfulness practice a “pause” or a space of stillness can emerge in which new options for engaging with the world emerge. Events of past few weeks have highlighted the magnitude of suffering around race in the world and brings to the foreground the imperative of addressing the suffering in the world.