Portals to Seeing Non-dual Reality #1

Aug 26, 2022

How do you see non-dual reality? There are many talks that expound on the topic of non-duality, but few talk directly about ways or portal to actually sensing or seeing non-duality. Building off last week’s talk about the secret teachings of non-duality I will be delving further into actual ways to connect with non-dual reality or become aware of awareness. There are at least 4 portals to seeing our essential nature which is non-dual by its nature. • Sensing the silence still space • Noticing the arising of sense objects • Sensing into the inner body • Letting things be as they are (non-resistance with the present moment) In this series we will explore these ways and more of connecting with the field of awareness that knows experience. this week we look at the gap that exists between the moment of sense perception and the mind’s commentary about what is experienced. When you see something, there is always a moment when you are just with the object. There is a gap between true seeing and the commentary. For most people the gap is so small that it is imperceptible, and they are not conscious of it. In our practice we are noticing and extending this gap, allowing us to truly see – the seeing that occurs before the the labels and narratives of the mind appear.