Portals to Non-dual Reality #5: Wordless Silence

Oct 14, 2022

We are continuing our exploration of how to sense into non-dual reality? This week we will explore another portal or access point to sensing into that which knows experience – our essential nature. I am calling this portal WORDLESS SILENCE.  It can be sensed into as the gap or space between the words that are spoken, including inner dialogue. This space is extremely significant even though it doesn’t seem so.  The silence is always there – we don’t need to create it. It is most obvious and shines through when thoughts subside.  But, it is always there, it is just obscured by thoughts.
This practice invites you to relinquish any effort to control the mind and instead direct attention to the silence between and around thoughts, images and words. We will practice accessing this portal in several ways, including methods discussed by Ajahn Sumedo in his book, The Sound of silence.

I look forward to seeing you all on Thursday at 7 pm EST.  Details at www.payattention.ca