Portals to Non-Dual Reality #2: The Body

Sep 2, 2022

We are continuing our examination of how to see or sense into non-dual reality? There are many talks that expound on the topic of non-duality, but few talk directly about ways or portals to actually sensing or seeing non-duality. This week we will look at sensing into the aliveness of the inner body as a way to connect with our essential nature. Since the body goes wherever the mind goes, every moment of your day can be considered a potential portal to unconditioned consciousness. The body is a concreate manifestation of the infinite. Right now, you can sense into the body – feeling the aliveness – the felt sense of the body. When you sense into the body you can feel its spaciousness. After all, your body is 99.9999% space.

The Buddha called this felt sense “awareness of the body in the body,” meaning that your attention has dropped into the actual physical experience rather than your views and concepts about the body. This week we will explore different ways to sense into the moment-by-moment physical experience of the body.

I look forward to seeing you all on Thursday at 7 pm EST.  Details at www.payattention.ca