Mindfulness of Thoughts #3: The Yoke of Attachment

May 27, 2022

This week we will continue our exploration of the proliferation of thoughts. Last week we differentiated between the arising of thoughts as events in the mind, and thinking which is the grabbing a hold of the thought and proliferating with it. It is the latter which is called Papanca in Pali (the language of the Buddha) that leads to attachment and suffering.
This week we will examine the terrain of attachment – what it is – and the 5 phases of practicing with it. We will look at how our core beliefs facilitate and maintain our attachments and the bitcoin mixing system how we can see them clearly and eventually allow them to fade. A key element of this practice is acknowledging that we really do NOT want to let go of the core belief structures that fuel attachment. Even though, we know that they cause suffering we prefer to hold on to them in the hope that they will bring more peace than despair.
The five 4 phases of practicing with attachment are:

  1. Observe or see the thought/belief(s) with that maintain the particular attachment with clarity
  2. See that we do NOT actually want to escape the suffering flowing from this belief(s) structure. This is crucial.
  3. See that our beliefs are not the truth
  4. See what fuels our attachments
  5. When the above are seen, we naturally let go of the belief support structure and allow the fear of losing our belief-based identity to arise

Each of these will be explored in tern.

This is be a very practice oriented series and is appropriate for those with an “advanced” practice or those newer to mindfulness. It will be suitable for those investigating the impersonal nature of thoughts, and those interested in understanding how mindfulness of thoughts can help with stress and anxiety.

I look forward to seeing you all on Thursday at 7 pm EST.  Details at www.payattention.ca