Mindfulness of Thoughts #2: Tangled in Thoughts – Papanca

May 23, 2022

Our new series started last Thursday. If you missed you can link to it below. Last week we explored how to become conscious of the continual thinking that arises in the mind, and ways to get to know your top ten tunes. Session 1: Mindfulness of Thoughts: Introduction and First Practices

This week we will continue our exploration of thoughts. We will differentiate between the arising of thoughts as events arising in the mind, and thinking with is the grabbing a hold of the thought and proliferating with it. This is an important distinction as thoughts by themselves do not cause suffering whereas mental proliferation or Papanca does. We will examine various practices to notice when Papanca is happening and ways to train the mind to see rather than react to thoughts.

This is be a very practice oriented series and is appropriate for those with an “advanced” practice or those newer to mindfulness. It will be suitable for those investigating the impersonal nature of thoughts, and those interested in understanding how mindfulness of thoughts can help with stress and anxiety.

I look forward to seeing you all on Thursday at 7 pm EST.  Details at www.payattention.ca