Mindfulness of Thoughts #11: Nonattachment to Views

Aug 12, 2022

Try to think of something that you do not have an opinion about.  Have you noticed that we seem to have a view or opinion about almost everything?  What would it be like to hold your views and opinions lightly or not at all? The Buddha talked about non-attachment to several things and views and opinions was one of them. Perhaps you have noticed that when you identify with an opinion rather then seeing it as just another thought that there is a tightening of your mind around it. There is a feeling of division. There is a contraction into small mind and separation. And, when you hold your opinions lightly or not at all, there is a feeling of connection and spaciousness. It is amazing how non-attachment to views and opinions can allow us to touch our undivided, unconditioned being or essence. Simple, yet powerful.