Living the Truth #4: The Trance of Insufficiency

Jan 22, 2022

This week we will explore how the sense of unworthiness or insufficiency arises in so many people. It is based on the common misperception of a separate self – and then seeing this separate self as is insufficient or inadequate. At its core, this sense of inadequacy is based on stories that we believe – they could be personal stories or collective stores. It is imperative first that we become conscious of the stories and see how they create suffering. Seeing the stories opens a crack in us that allows the light of love to shine in. It is this love that both heals our wounds and enables us to move beyond our stories.

Remember, living the Truth is about closing the gap between the truth that has been realized and how we relate in the world. Seeing our stories of insufficiency closes the gap and allows love to shine in.

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