“I”-caholics Anonymous #1: Meeting Suffering with Radical Friendliness

Dec 15, 2022

Jason will be guiding and delivering a small series of guided meditations and talks, entitled the “I”-caholics Anonymous sessions. In the first session held this Thursday evening, we will explore how the experience of separateness generates suffering, then discuss different ways in which we can gently and/or boldly begin to meet and transform this suffering with radical friendliness or metta. Under the trance of “I”-coholism, defined as an unintentional addiction to a growing sense of “I” (in both self and others), we are irresistibly drawn into a state where every aspect of our experience is seen as being separate from, and competing against, everything else. In such a state, we live in constant fear, insecurity, and loneliness, blind to the deep interconnectedness, mutual support, and unconditional kindness that indeed everything already is. We will see that through the nourishing practice of metta, we incline ourselves toward a quality of friendly and loving energy that flows effortlessly and can never be depleted. We shall see that by doing so, we can start to experience life as a deep relatedness, interconnectedness, openness, and fearless vulnerability. Through metta, we begin to befriend our experience in its totality, and start to experience the life of wholeness and True Nature that is indeed our birthright.