Experiencing No Self #8: Falling Away of Personal Will

Sep 10, 2021

This week we will delve into the difficult and often not talked about topic of free will or personal will. This will not be a philosophical discussion of free will. I will define personal will, detail how the personal will falls away as ego falls away, and point out some of the things that might happen as the personal will falls away – things like disorientation and confusion.

The diminishment of personal will arises when identification with the ego falls away or is transcended.

Since most people are motivated by the wants and not-wants of the personal will, it’s ebbing can seem surprising and confusing. People may find themselves lacking motivation to do everyday things, and wonder what comes next.  People can stay in a limbo zone, not knowing what motivates them until they connect with the higher aspect of self – which is love.

If you missed our last session (#7), I recommend that you view it. It is a pivotal phase in our exploration of no self. Experiencing No Self: Rest as Awareness