Experiencing No Self #5: Two Truths

Aug 13, 2021

AS we have explored practices leading to the experiencing of no self, many questions have come up, particularity around how does one move in the world with this view. This is a common question. In the next talk, I will attempt to address this question by exploring the Buddha’s Two Truths Doctrine. The Buddhist doctrine of the two truths differentiates between two levels of truth or reality pali: sacca: the “conventional” or “provisional” (saṁvṛti) truth, and the “ultimate” (paramārtha) truth. After defining these terms, we will explore why it is important to understand both truths and to live with the realization of both. As our experiencing of no self and ultimate truth percolates and matures, we are able to see relative and ultimate truth at the same time, and as one reality. It is seen as one reality with two aspects. We can move from feeling the freedom of emptiness in one moment, and then the movement of compassion in the next. The two truths contain each other. The movement of compassion and wisdom become fused, and we operate in world for the benefit of ourselves and others, without being overwhelmed by suffering.