Experiencing No Self #4 Relinquishing Struggle

Aug 12, 2021

We have been exploring practices that can create distance between the ego and self, and see the true nature of self. We looked at thoughts and emotions and how to see both as simply events arising and passing away without our consent or doing. In our next session, we will examine how through struggling with what is, we keep the ego or self at centre stage, and re-create the perception of an illusory self. I will review the processes of craving and clinging (what I call struggle), how this perpetuate the delusion of self, and why we do it. Once we see that we do this, and why we do this it is very possible for it to cease. The solution is not to avoid struggle or judge ourselves for struggling, but to realize that when we do not struggle that the “I” simply disappears. This could be a moment of awe as we look at a sunset or a moment of compassion as we gaze on a newborn baby. In those moment, the “I” has ceased – you are no longer struggling with what is and the thoughts that keep the “I” centre stage have ceased.