Experiencing No Self #2 Letting go of Thoughts

Jul 27, 2021


Steven explores practices that can create distance between the ego and self. Remember the definitions of self and ego. Ego is the me, and self is the I. Self is the witness or observer of experience. Ego is the activity of being focused on our inner concerns – like – everything is about me.

We will begin by seeing in our direct experience, that I am not my thoughts. We can actually see this in our experience when we observe thoughts arising and passing away without our consent or doing. This is the beginning of the process. We practice being aware of thoughts as they arise, rather than after they are over. We start to see and experience thoughts as objects arising and passing, just as sounds do. We start to see the selfless or impersonal nature of thoughts.

If you missed the last week’s session, and plan on attending future sessions, I recommend that you take a look at Experiencing No Self #1: Introduction | Ottawa Insight Meditation Community (payattention.ca. I introduce the topic and define some terms. The first session set the foundation and background for the series. It defined terms such as ego and self, and presented the 4 steps that comprise the process we will be embarking upon.

I look forward to seeing you all on Thursday at 7 pm EST.  Details at www.payattention.ca