Experiencing No Self 13: Awakened Engagement with Life

Oct 15, 2021

In this session we explore how we live and engage with the world from the knowing of no self or emptiness. The more we transcend the ego and experience unity, the more paradoxical our human experience becomes. At least it is a paradox to the mind.
The teachings have brought us to the point of disidentifying with the egoic self. We are dismantling our attachment to the self, and this can appear that we are dismantling our individuality. But we are not. Our uniqueness as human beings remains, although it is now known as a conditioned appearance and not who we are.
To live and act in this knowing of our true nature is seeing through the eyes of the infinite and and becoming an embodied expression of it. It arises as spontaneous and intuitive acting. We will explore concrete ways to evoke this means of engagement.