Experiencing No Self #10: The End of Seeking

Sep 20, 2021

This week we will delve into the topic of the ending of spiritual seeking. Last we explored how the diminishment of personal will arises when identification with the ego falls away or is transcended. Something else that happens on the path that can be surprising and is often not talked about, is that seeking falls away. The idea of oneself doing seeking simply falls away – not the impulse for truth or love (which comes from wholeness) but the notion of an ego seeking realizations or some special experience vanished. We will explore how the quite natural seeking energy of the ego can be inverted once the egoic self sees first hand that everything being sought in the world of things is impermanent and ultimately not satisfying. At this moment seeking stops and a natural stillness emerges. The ego will do everything it can to attain happiness until there is nothing more to do, and it is at this moment that there is total surrender. I look forward to seeing you all on Thursday at 7 pm EST. Details at www.payattention.ca