Experiencing No Self #1: Introduction

Jul 16, 2021

The first talk in a new series entitled Directly Experiencing No Self. I have been working hard developing this course and will be presenting 4 steps to transcending ego and the falling away of self. Each step will include material to understand and reflect upon as well as concrete practices and exercises. If you would love to deep dive into the no self teachings of the Buddha, or have just found the no self teachings to be too abstract or confusing, then this series may be for you. This will not be a philosophical or abstract exploration. The Buddha did not intend for us to take these teachings and make a new philosophy or theology, rather they are meant to be experienced, felt and realized. The first session will set the foundation and background for the series. I will define terms such as ego and self, and present the 4 steps that comprise the process we will be embarking upon.