Experiencing No Self 15: Awareness of Death and the Deathless

Oct 29, 2021

There are a few ways to speak about death – how we face the inevitability of body/mind death, deeply knowing death so that we may live fully, and realizing the deathless aspect of your true being.
Death is the fear that underlies all fears of the ego. All the wanting and not wanting activity of the ego is based on fear. Fear that we will not get what we want, what we believe we need to be happy, and fear that we will get what we do not want and will never find peace. Behind all this craving is a fear of death of the ego.
Have you noticed that when everything seems calm and all-right in any moment, that the ego will come up something to fear? As all the little fears are accepted, allowed, and seen, all that is left for the ego is the fear of death.
In this session, I will share a few awareness of death meditations, will explore what the Buddha meant by the deathless, and reflect on how by relinquishing all fear of death we touch the deathless or eternal spirit. I will share an interesting Zen Koan and the story of Ramana’s death contemplation which led to his enlightenment. All and all, a fun packed session exploring death 🙂