Experiencing No Self 17: Awareness is Not Self

Dec 3, 2021

In this talk I explore the nature of awareness or consciousness, and it’s role in realizing no self. So far we have been practicing whereby we rest as awareness. Seeing self as awareness or presence is a stepping stone of insight. It is helpful en route to a deeper way of looking. In stepping from an identification with a separate ego to an identification with still silent awareness, we have let go of the cause of our anxiety and suffering. A self identified with vast open stillness is a exalted and sublime state and a higher level of dualistic identification. Some even think that this is enlightenment. This has the feel as being the witness.

Eventually however, we even let go of any identification with awareness. There is considerable debate among Buddhist scholars about this question and this can create apparent confusion for the mind, I hope to explore this is more experiential and direct manner.