This talk explores links 2-12 in a concise and practical manner. They are examined within the context of the practices that give rise to “knowing”, not in an academic sense, but rather based on investigation of direct experience. The Twelve Nidanas or links are a series of causal links that describe the process of the arising of dukkha. In reverse order they also describe the way to liberation from suffering.

When certain conditions are present, they give rise to subsequent conditions, which in turn give rise to other conditions, resulting in the cyclical nature of life in Samsara.

The twelve links are ignorance; volitional formations; consciousness; mind/body; senses and sense objects; the contact between sense organs, sense objects, and consciousness; feelings; craving; attachment; coming to be; birth; and old age and death.

The twelve links are illustrated in the outer rim of the Bhavachakra (Wheel of Life).