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Somatic Meditation: Body Awareness, Trauma and Anxiety

by Steven Hick | January 22, 2021

Ground and Breath Meditation for Trauma and Anxiety

by steven hick | January 21, 2021

“Strive on, untiringly”: Right Effort and Balanced Practice

by Steven Hick | December 15, 2020

About Us

The Ottawa Insight Meditation Community (OIMC) was established in 2010 as a nonprofit, urban-based community for the practice of Insight meditation. OIMC is a True North Insight affiliated group.

Located in Ottawa, Ontario, OIMC provides opportunities to practice insight meditation and other contemplative practices amid the complexities of city living. The group is dedicated to creating a space that welcomes all people regardless of cultural and religious background, race, socio‐economic class, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, education, and physical ability. It is an environment where people can come together to learn, support and deepen practice. OIMC is guided in all endeavors by the ethics of non-harming, the spirit of loving friendship and compassion, the wisdom of insight, and the truth of liberation.

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Thoughts are NOT facts and You are NOT Your Thoughts

Thoughts are NOT facts and You are NOT Your Thoughts This week we will examine our relationship to thoughts that arise in the mind. we will see that you are not your thoughts and thoughts are not facts. In short, we will see the not-self nature of thoughts. Mindfulness is a useful tool when...

Perception: Seeing The Not-Self Nature of the Aggregate

Perception: Seeing The Not-Self Nature of the Aggregate This week we continue with our exploration of the Five Aggregates of clinging which lead to suffering. The five aggregates that constitute what we call an individual or personality are themselves conditioned phenomena in a state of...